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Finding the best knife: Shun vs. Masahiro

My wife loves to cook, and she’s always talking about how she wishes she had better knives.  So we decided to go out and find the very best knives we could for a budget not to exceed $500.

Now, if you think spending upwards of $500 on knives, this review probably isn’t for you.  For most of us, the standard knives we receive in a box set work well enough.  But for someone like my wife who cooks all the time, having a few really good knives makes a world of difference.  Personally, I don’t cook enough to even understand the difference in knives, so I set out to get educated as a first step.

I enlisted the help of my friend Haidar, an award-winning professional chef at Proof, an award-winning DC restaurant known for its cuisine.  In fact, Haidar recently won an Iron Chef-style “Capital Food Fight” competition hosted by Anthony Bourdain and cooking legend José Andrés.

In Haidar’s professional chef world, he uses knives are so good they are can be used to cut sushi, and are only sharpened on one side.

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