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Baby Carrier Face Off: Our Quest to Avoid Hip Dysplasia

On LifeWeTravel

Sue and I have known from way back that we want to have as much skin-to-skin time with our daughter as possible. In fact, we haven't even purchased a stroller because we want to carry Devina to achieve this goal.

Originally, we were using a Britax carrier which was given to us by some friends, and I loved. But we started reading blogs which warned of issues that could arise with carriers that leave a baby's legs dangling, which the Britax (as well as a Baby Bjorn carrier we had) did. Specifically, articles like this:

Here it is illustrated:

Two Rules

On Toddler Breastfeeding

There are two hard rules that I made for myself shortly after I became pregnant the first time.

1) Breastfeeding is the most important part of raising my kids.

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