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Baby DROdio is Coming Soon! Here Are Our Plans

On LifeWeTravel

Sue is getting ready to pop! Her due date is October 26th, but we recently found out that Asian women often deliver at 39 weeks, not the usual 40 weeks, so there's a good chance it could happen next week:

Our Birth Plans:

• Where we're giving birth: We are planning a home birth (more on what that's like in a future blog post!) so if everything goes as planned, we won't be at a hospital.

The Genesis of Letters

On Letters to Home

Dear Mom,

I feel as though so much of my own life occurs and changes through a sort of cyber-alchemy: each youtube video, jpeg image and article further molding me into the being I am striving to become. So much of our human experience is media based yet so much of this goes undiscussed between friends and family members.

With this blog Mom, I hope to strengthen the bond between us and really change the way that we interact and know each other. I can think of no greater gift I can give you than the real me as I know myself and hopefully through these posts you'll be able to enter some of the inner workings of my mind. I know I'm a bit of a pain sometimes Mom but maybe I'll be less of a bother when I'm not in the room to make such a terrible racket for you :P

Hopefully you enjoy it. Thank you for always being a great Mom for T and I!

Lots of Love, Dylan

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