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Our two-year journey choosing a pop-up camper

My wife Sue and I have spent the past two years visiting many types of camper facilities in our quest to find the perfect camper for our needs. We’ve toured the factories at Sportsmobile, Four Wheel Camper, XP Camper, EarthRoamer, Hallmark, Outfitter, and Phoenix, and we visited the Overland Expo last year.

In the process, we’ve documented and written up each of those experiences in separate posts to provide you with an insider’s guide to purchasing a camper. Our goal was to do the hard legwork ourselves so you wouldn’t have to, and to document what we saw with honesty and transparency. In this post, I’m summarizing what we’ve learned in this two year journey. Hopefully, you’ll find this guide a useful tool in your decision making process.

First, a bit about us and our priorities:

We have been looking for a camper we can live in for an extended period of time (6+ months) while also having a vehicle we can still use as a daily driver. We’re looking for a camper that we can easily take on weekend or week-long trips, as well as a vehicle that we can take offroad on medium-difficulty trails (like that hard-to-reach deserted beach).

Dream It! Do It! (quotes)

On Mike Dariano

Dream It! Do It!: My Half-Century Creating Disney’s Magic Kingdoms (Disney Editions Deluxe) by Marty Sklar.

My wife ordered this book last year when she was planning a Disney trip for our family and I picked it up, hoping for a cohesive, behind the scenes story, about Disney history that I didn't know much about. Smooth this story is not, but enjoyable it is. This feels more like a dinner conversation with Sklar. It's choppy and reflective but the anecdotes are wonderful - here are a few of my favorites so far.

One is the story of Marc Davis - creator of of Tinker Bell, Cruella De Vil, and Maleficent - who had just presented Walt Disney with a series of park designs.

Wehn Walk, deep in thought, did not respond immediately, Marc stepped into he void. "Walt, I've got another idea for this, and it's a lot cheaper." Now Walt responded quickly. Putting a hand on Marc's shoulder, he set the tone for how Imagineers were to create for the Disney parks. "Marc," Walt said, "I have a whole floor of finance people and accountants upstairs who are going to tell me what the cheapest way to do something is. What I pay you for is to tell me the best way!"

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