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Hallmark RV: The best of the soft-side pop-up campers

Sue and I visited Hallmark RV today. I’ve been emailing back & forth with Matthew for months, asking him various question about Hallmark’s campers, and I’d been scouring Hallmark’s website, Facebook page and the forums relentlessly trying to learn as much as I could about their campers.

And what I thought to be true, is true: Hallmark is, hands-down, the absolute best pop-up camper value in the $20k to $40k price point.

I go more into that in my summary blog post, but if you’re in the market and you’re not sure which camper you want to get, I highly recommend you spend $500 and come to Colorado like we did to visit the factories of each camper manufacturer (Hallmark, Outfitter and Phoenix are within an hour of each other, as is EarthRoamer — although EarthRoamers are in an entirely different category and price point) — or just watch all of the videos we made, so you can get a really good feeling of the differences. The Hallmark facility was clean, organized and busy — a stark contrast to some of the other facilities.

In fact, if we hadn’t visited XP Camper (which is located in northern California about an hour from Sacramento) prior to coming to Colorado, I’d be placing an order for a Hallmark Milner right now. XP Campers are designed differently from the ground up as compared to all other pop-up campers to be true expedition vehicles, and they’re much more expensive — around $70k before options — so Sue and I have some thinking to do, which I go into in more detail in the summary blog post. But if you can’t go above the $30k-ish price point and you only need a weekend camper, or a camper for trips that last a week or two max , then definitely get a Hallmark. If you want to research your options a bit more, read this full write-up titled “Our two-year journey choosing a pop-up camper.”

Notes on Alexis Ohanian's Townhall Interview

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

“You should call it 360scope. And get rid of the little bug guy” was PG’s advice to reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian. “But reddit turned out to be a great name, and ‘the little bug guy’ has turned into one of the most important parts of the reddit community.”

“Sometimes your investors know best. Sometimes they don’t. Even Paul Graham is wrong sometimes.”

[caption id="attachment_220" align="alignleft" width="300"] Todd Bishop and Alexis Ohanian[/caption]

Alexis is on a 175 stop tour for his new book, Without Their Permission. On Monday night he stopped by Seattle’s Town Hall to be interviewed by Geekwire’s Todd Bishop. Topics ranged from the silly - alternative names for reddit (Ooglyaboo) and his favorite Star Trek captain (Picard, no hesitation) - to the more serious topics of his book - entrepreneurship and politics.

The thesis of Without Their Permission is that the Internet enables people to be fully in control of their destiny. You don’t need permission from a movie producer to decide if your film gets created or not. You don’t need a publisher to release a book. You don’t even need a travel agent to book your flight anymore.

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