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What kind of truck is best for pop-up camper if doing international overland travel?

This post was originally posted by me on a different blog on Nov 7, 2011:

This answer is from Janet & Tom, a couple traveling through Central & South America.  You can see their related post at ExpeditionPortal, as well as their website cataloging their travels through Africa and Latin America.

“We looked at several trucks, the Tundra, the Titan and F150. We also considered the payload capacity of each truck and the off road package. It is the payload capacity and not really the engine size that is really important. We did also consider a Tacoma earlier on but after reading all we could on payload etc we decided the payload capacity of the Tacoma was not big enough for a camper. We met a couple who had a Nissan Frontier from the UK who had a pop up camper and on a bad road they broke the chassis. When driving on really bad corrugations and rocky roads the camper will move and bounce on the chassis. We traveled with one couple who hit a speed bump and their pop up camper broke their rear window. They have a Tundra and between the tundra and the camper there is a roof wind up mechanism which broke their window. So the campers do move when bouncing hard.

Juicing and Jazz

On Man of the Couch

This post has nothing to do with jazz, I'm just a sucker for alliteration. It does, however, have everything to do with juicing. We're currently borrowing a juicer from a co-worker so if we don't like it and don't want to stick with it we aren't out a couple hundred bucks.

I feel like the benefits of juicing are pretty well known. If you don't know then here's a simple yet highly scientific formula:

Juice+excercise+radiation = Superhero

exercise+radiation-juice = Side-kick

Aside from not wanting to be a lame sidekick, we are also interested in the nutritional benefits. It's a quick easy way to take care of a couple servings of fruits and vegetables. Something we're both not very good at. Plus I watched "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" and it scared me straight.

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