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Shooting Jason & Deanna's beautiful wedding

Sue and I were asked by our friends Jason and Deanna to officiate their wedding. We figured that while we were at it, we might as well take some pictures of it as well. And how beautifully did they turn out!

We used a mixture of the Lumix GX1 with two different lenses, and a Canon D60 DSLR. A few of our favorite pics are below.

Overlooking The Obvious: It's All About Intent

On DROdio

There's a great BusinessInsider article about how Facebook has recently begun focusing heavily on retargeted ads. The crux of the story is this: The holy grail in advertising is knowing a user's "intent," because if you know what they intend to do, you can influence their behavior through advertising. Facebook has been working for years to discern "intent" via a complex formula that creates a social graph for each user, with big data mining algorithms that seek to divine what a user will be interested in based on that graph, so ads can be targeted in real-time to those users.

And instead, what's proving best at monetizing off "intent" is good, old-fashioned ad retargeting, which Facebook has recently started doing.

What struck me is that for the first time in years, a Facebook ad recently caught my eye. And it was a retargeted ad.

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