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The XP Camper: Truck Campers, Reimagined

My wife Sue and I have been on a quest to find the perfect expedition vehicle for weekend trips around California, and for ‘someday world travel’. Last year, we checked out the Sportsmobile and Four Wheel Camper factories. I had heard about XP Camper on ExpeditionPortal (as well as an RV.net thread where the RV crowd was much more critical of the price point than the expedition crowd), and I had taken a video of an XP Camper unit that was on display at OverlandExpo last year.

There’s no doubt about it: The XP Camper is expensive. MSRP is almost $70k, vs. anywhere from $10k from a mass-produced Palomino camper to $30k for a Hallmark camper. So the first question is whether the XP Camper is worth the price. After visiting the facility and talking to the owner Marc for three hours, the answer is an unequivocal ‘yes.’ Marc started making XP Campers because he wasn’t satisfied with anything on the market. And for the right buyers, the thought that’s gone into his work, its design, and the resulting value, will be obvious. However, that will likely be a small niche of the truck camper market, which is already a small niche of the overall RV market. Marc is aware of this, and will be introducing a smaller camper called the “V2? for Tacoma-sized trucks in the future. UPDATE 1/14: The V2 is now on the market at a sub $40k price point. My wife and I have been testing one extensively. Learn more about the V2 on the XP Camper Forum, including videos of a walkaround, an updated floorplan and some other pictures.

We walked away incredibly impressed. Below are some in-depth videos showcasing the XP Camper, as well as a number of pictures with annotations. You can find a full photo gallery of XP Campers here. If you want to research your options a bit more, read this full write-up titled “Our two-year journey choosing a pop-up camper”

First, watch the video from OverlandExpo last year:

Video of the Week: This Too Shall Pass

On Where Pianos Roam

The art of the music video, I'm afraid, is a shrinking cornerstone in the world of music.  MTV, which spawned a new era of image and visually-driven pop stars back in the 80's, barely even plays videos anymore.  (I question whether or not it should even have it's annual and overhyped MTV Video Music Awards, but this is another matter entirely for another time.)

I, for one, have always loved music videos, particularly when it is done well and from a very talented artist.

The newest video from the indie-rock band OK GO is one that I've gotten a kick out of recently.  It's for a song called This Too Shall Pass off of their new album Of the Blue Colour of the Sky.

The video is hugely entertaining and ends with quite a bang.  It further extends their reputation for making very creative and fun music videos.  (The song itself is actually pretty good!)

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