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Fun In The Woods With The XP Camper V2 Prototype

I've long been a fan of the XP Camper. My wife and I spent two years researching pop-up campers, and the XP was by far and away our favorite. I visited Marc, the owner of XP Camper late last year and did a full writeup.

When I read on the XP XP Camper forums forums that Marc was creating a V2 prototype based on the Tacoma truck (instead of a full-size one ton truck), my wife and I decided to visit Marc again to check it out. We liked the idea that we could get a camper on a smaller, Japanese truck like the Tacoma. When we arrived at his shop in Grass Valley, CA, about 4 hours north of San Francisco, we found that he's now in a place 5 times bigger than the last time we visited!

Marc graciously let us take the V2 prototype out for a weekend on the condition that we give him a bunch of feedback in exchange, something that we happily agreed to do.

I'm not going to reveal the details of my opinion of the V2 prototype just yet, because I don't want to influence anyone else's opinion before it goes into production. In summary, though, I'd say that if you're interested in a hard shell pop-up camper based on a Tacoma truck, you absolutely have to put this truck on your shopping list. And now is a great time to let Marc know if you're interested, since he's trying to decide what kind of production volumes to ramp up.

Should I wear a hoodie or not during training?

On minimalift

Lloyds asks: should I wear a hoodie or not during training?

A couple of months ago Eric was squatting in a hoodie, a habit he likely picked up from Dave. I asked him if it was distracting on the edge of his vision. He said he'd never noticed it before, but now he finds it very irritating.

My answer: no for the quick lifts or anything that involves moving about quickly, squats, and probably any exercise performed lying down. Makes no difference for pulling, pressing, curling and most weight training movements.

Reposted from a series of tips and Q&A over at my weightlifting club FB page.

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