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Hello World, Baby DROdio!

My incredible wife gave birth to a beautiful daughter earlier this week. 6lbs, 6oz. Mom and baby are doing great. No name yet (we have to get to know her first!). A few pictures are below.

• Visitors: We can't wait to introduce Baby DROdio to our friends and family; mom & baby are recovering at home. We'll let you know as soon as we get a handle on everything.

• No gifts, please! We are taking an "agile" approach to parenting. For those of you who aren't techies, that means we are taking it step by step, and we will purchase baby items as we learn the needs of our baby. We don't want to start out with a room full of boxes of baby things that we don't know whether we'll need or not. However, we'll happily take any of your tried & true hand-me-down clothing that you no longer need (reduce, reuse, recycle!).

If you really really want to get us something (and you're really stubborn even though we don't need anything!), we would ask that you get us a Munchery Gift Card. This is a food ordering service that will allow us to have freshly prepared food delivered daily for the first few weeks, and that would help both of us cope. (Since Sue is the one who usually feeds us, I especially would appreciate this, since I'll be responsible for feeding her!) To make sure it arrives at the right place, use email address "us -at- danielodio -dot- com" for the gift card.

That's it for now, more updates to come!

They Call Me A Dreamer...

On Growing Up

Actually, they don't.

But there is a point to this I promise. Every now and then I come into these times of my life where I "take the limits off" and dream the impossible - or just the really difficult.

As a type A, INTJ personality I can't say that this time is always enjoyable. I question everything that I am a part of, pick up and drop a hobby or two, and re-plan my whole near future. Often times when I am like this I think of myself as a bit erratic and foolish. I like to have things planned out. I like to know where I am going. I like to know how I am going to cover rent, where I am moving post school, and what kind of work I am going to do. And when I dream...It all gets messed up.

But I have learned to embrace this time of life - at least this time around. I am in the baby stages of some new dreams but have uncovered a passion for programing work and front end development. In a little over two months I will be graduating from school with a music degree and for the first time in years, I feel like I am falling in love with it. I still love the french language and want to use that professionally some day and am still passionate about voice health/therapy and speech pathology. I am overwhelmed by my own passions and dreams sometimes....

And I love it. I love that I can't see the end of any of these things nor how they are going to pan out. For now, I'll keep dreaming - then planning - then dreaming - then planning.

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