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How to Get a Screaming Deal on a Baby Jogging Stroller

Devina in her first race, an 8k, with dad and uncle Sam!

As I've mentioned before on this blog, Sue and I are not planning on buying a stroller because we want to carry Devina close to us as much as possible, to maximize our 'skin-to-skin' contact time. So to that extent, I did a pretty in-depth review of baby carriers, and the Baby Bjorn ONE took the prize in a last-minute upset.

However, I've always wanted to take Devina on races with me, and so I went on the hunt for a great jogging stroller. After doing a bunch of research, I found the Chariot line of strollers, which Thule picked up awhile back, so now they're branded as 'Thule Chariot.' Their top of the line jogging stroller is the CX-1, which MSRPs at $1,049.95. Yikes.

But here's a pro-tip: If you are willing to pick up one of the CX-1 strollers just branded as "Chariot" and not as "Thule Chariot," you can get one of those for $697 on Amazon -- and that's with the jogging attachment, which usually runs an additional $75. But there are only four left on Amazon, so they won't last forever. The differences between the old model and the new Thule model are very minor; the biggest one being disc brakes vs. drum brakes.

Freightship - Service provider to investors / asset owners in the freight trucking sector.

On Freightship

Freightship is a privately owned Miami, FL based logistics company that operates www.Freightshipit.com. It provides services, solutions, and infrastructure to asset owners in the freight trucking sector.

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Freightship differentiates as compared to some similar online competitors in the fact that the client (shipper) works directly and strictly with Freightship. The client is not obligated nor do they have any need to research on different carrier company options as they are indirectly and sometimes directly obliged to do so on other similar online shipping platforms such as Freightquote and uShip. In which the Shipper has to do individual research on different carriers and has to assure that the Carrier is legitimate before being able to make a proper selection

Freightship’s extensive carrier network allows them to provide service to a wide range of shippers in different sectors, including but not limited to, Dry Van, LTL, Reefer, Hazmat, Containers, Boat Shippers, Auto Transport, Flatbed, Small Parcels, Ocean, Air and Corporate and Individual Relocation. Freightship provide’s individually tailored shipping solutions depending on the specific needs of the client business, individual or organization.

The company uses a private customer feedback rating system which they keep internally to keep track of Carrier performance and customer satisfaction. Freightship keeps a very wide but very strict network of Carriers who they associate with and require to have all permits and licensing up to date.

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